Insurance Agency

Asegura Insurance Agency offers many options for your auto insurance needs!  We know that 2020 has been a hard year for many, and we are putting money back in our clients pockets by SAVING them money.  We pride ourselves in having so many options, that it's almost impossible for us NOT to get you a better rate.  TRY US!

We can insure the following individuals and situations:
No license
State or Government ID
Bad Credit
SR-22's available
Matricula Consular
Mexico or Foreign Driver's License

We believe in offering you options so that you can decide for yourself what is best for you. We have a complete paperless system and we can quote and bind the policy all remotely to ensure your safety and save you time during this Covid-19 Pandemic.

Call today and start saving.  We GUARANTEE you will save money!

Independent vs. Captive

In the world of insurance agencies, you have two options: A CAPTIVE agent or an INDEPENDENT agent to help you.  Captive is a scary word, and it means just that, you are captive to their limited insurance options.  These types of agencies have very limited options to give you. Sure, they may be big popular names and offer quality coverage, but at the end of the day, limited options means you probably don't have the best option and or best rate.

What about Independent agencies?  Independent Agencies are not limited to what options they can offer you, they represent many insurance companies and can offer you the best rates out there and also top quality choice companies!  They give YOU , the client, the POWER TO CHOOSE, and most of the time, this translates into saving lots of money.

So, what about Asegura Insurance Agency?

Asegura Insurance Agency is an independent agency licensed to sell insurance in Texas, New Mexico, California, Arizona, Colorado, and New Jersey(and growing).  We offer Auto, Home, Trucking, Health, Dental, Vision,  Commercial Property, General Liability, Workers-Comp, and so much more!  We work with many companies to ensure you are getting QUALITY coverage (like a captive agency) while also saving money!  Almost ALL of our clients save money when switching to us, it's very rare that we don't save you money.  We were established in 2014 in good ol' El Paso, TX and have grown rapidly over the years.

Our expertise and experience in insurance and business sets us apart from the rest.  We love our clients and strive to offer the best service out there!

So what are you waiting for?  Call us, visit us, text us or chat with us, we are here to help you with your insurance needs!