Trucking Insurance

Asegura Insurance has been around since  day 1 that we opened our doors to help Truckers with their insurance needs.  Whether you are an Owner Operator, or own a small, medium or large fleet, we can help you get quality insurance at a good fair price.  We can insure Star-Up operations, knows as New ventures, and also experienced trucking ventures. We offer the following coverages:

Commercial Auto Liability
Cargo Liability
Physical Damage
Non-Trucking Liability
General Liability
Accident Insurance for the drivers or Employees
Employee Benefits for the Trucking Industry

We represent many A and A+ (or higher) rated insurance companies, so that we can find the right coverage that you need or want.  We can insure truckers in Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and New Jersey.

We understand that insurance is a large expense in a transportation business, and we understand the importance of having a reliable agency, so we do our best for you, to help you manage these expenses, helping you always find better rates when possible.  We also use the latest technology to get the Certificates of Insurance out to you and your brokers as quickly as possible by allowing you access to your COI and letting you send your own certificates.

Call us today, you won't be disappointed.