Asegura Insurance Agency was one of the first licensed agencies to get involved with the Affordable Care Act.

We can help you get FREE or reduced health insurance (For those that qualify for these programs).  Most of our clients have qualified and are enjoying peace of mind, knowing that they and their loved ones have health insurance at an affordable price.

Open Enrollment, the sign-up period for one of these plans, is from November 1st to December 15th of each year.  If for some reason you do not enroll during this period, or if you have a Life Changing Event or circumstance, there is a good chance that we can still enroll you into a plan outside of Open enrollment.  You need to call us so we can discuss and understand your situation.

Do we only offer "Obamacare" plans? Of course not!  We are a full-service insurance agency and we have many other options in case the other plans do not meet your needs.

We offer the following:

Major Medical Plans



Accident Insurance

Life Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Make an appointment today to see how we can help you get healthier and have peace of mind for your family!